We believe that solar energy can change the lives of millions of Africans who live on less than $1 a day through the provision of clean, free, renewable energy.



SunTec is a modern energy solutions provider whose objective is to enrich the quality of life within African households by facilitating access to clean, safe and affordable energy products. We are a group of Kenyan women who have the heart and drive to make a difference in the lives of many and are committed to high standards with respect to product quality and customer service.

SunTec hopes to positively impact the areas of health, education, environmental preservation, economic empowerment and social welfare resulting in a general uplift in the lives of many. We understand that our schemes also require consumer understanding so that change in behavior is sustainable, and we work with our partners to ensure this is effectively promoted amongst our core target.

Helping women

At SunTec, we work to ensure solar lanterns and other environmentally energy efficient products are within the reach of many by facilitating affordable financing through our partners. In addition to lanterns, we also distribute wood and charcoal cook stoves that reduce fuel consumption and indoor air pollution considerably compared to conventional wood and charcoal cooking  methods.

Very close to our hearts is our objective to promote an income generating venture particularly for women as well as our focus on giving back to the community by donating 10% of our profits.


SunTec has now partnered with BIMAS LIMITED, an MFI that has designed an innovative affordable solar loan product targeted at lower income rural households. BIMAS currently operates in mainly eastern anad Central Kenya and is a participant in the ongoing Lighting Global (IFC) program that focuses on facilitation of financing for groups.


Our main solar products are produced by Omnivoltaic, one of the leading solar manufacturers in the world and have passed the World Bank test program. They come with mobile phone charging capability, 2 year warranty and 5 years of service.

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Our Solution

We believe it is possible to uplift the lives of many by 
providing affordable, high quality energy solutions
through innovative financing solutions and efficient



Our Environment

Our energy efficient products positively impact the environment through the reduction of carbon emissions associated with kerosene, wood and charcoal.


Our Focus           
Solar lanterns that charge mobile phones enable people to conveniently conduct their business activities thereby boosting economic growth.